Christian  Telephone  Counseling

Why Choose Telephone Counseling?

  • Telephone counseling is the best option for many people because of the convenience and accessibilty it provides. Clients receive the benefits of speaking with a qualified expert without taking time to drive to a therapist. Clients living in certain areas may not have a qualified counselor within driving distance. In this situation, telephone counseling provides a practical solution for just about anyone to receive the assistance they need.
  • You will receive the support and guidance you need from a qualified and experienced professional.
  • Absolute confidentiality is assured. From the comfort of your own home, you can speak to one of our experts.
  • Payment is easy. Your credit card will be billed and no charges will appear on your long distance bill.

How Telephone Counseling Works:

Our services are designed to meet the needs of our clients, most notably convenience and affordability. If you choose to make an appointment, the first step after scheduling the appointment is to complete our online Personal Data Inventory (PDI). The PDI will give your consultant the necessary background information about you and your situation.

At the start of your first session we will take your credit card information and your credit card will be charged for the session. Each subsequent session that you may have will also be charged to your credit card for your convenience.

We work together with you to determine how many sessions will be needed to achieve your goals for the therapy. However, you are not committed to a specific number of appointments.

Be sure to check out our policies and the biographies of our staff.